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High Resolution Chinese/English Vehicle Rear View Mirrors 750cd/m2 Brightness 720P Video Output

China Shenzhen Jinsuifangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Shenzhen Jinsuifangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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High Resolution Chinese/English Vehicle Rear View Mirrors 750cd/m2 Brightness 720P Video Output

High Resolution Chinese/English Vehicle Rear View Mirrors 750cd/m2 Brightness 720P Video Output
High Resolution Chinese/English Vehicle Rear View Mirrors 750cd/m2 Brightness 720P Video Output

Large Image :  High Resolution Chinese/English Vehicle Rear View Mirrors 750cd/m2 Brightness 720P Video Output

Product Details:
Place of Origin: shenzhen
Model Number: BG-XSP-718
Detailed Product Description
Resolution: 720P Language: Chinese/English
Brightness: 750cd/m2 Osd Language: Support Multiple Languages
Package Contents: 2 Mirrors, 2 Clips Video Output Mode: 18 PIN
Mirror Size: 7 Inches Adjustment: Manual

750cd/m2 Vehicle Rear View Mirrors


English Vehicle Rear View Mirrors


720P Vehicle Rear View Mirrors

Product Description:

The Vehicle Rear View Mirrors with a 7 inch display are designed for drivers who demand both high functionality and style. This innovative product combines essential features and robust construction to enhance the driving experience for a wide range of vehicles. With an anti-glare feature, these rear view mirrors are crafted to reduce the blinding effect caused by the headlights of trailing vehicles, ensuring a clear and comfortable view for the driver at all times. The anti-glare attribute not only improves safety during nighttime driving but also during the day when intense sunlight can cause reflections.

A key feature of these mirrors is the expansive wide angle view they provide. This allows drivers to have a broader perspective of the area behind them, which is crucial for safe lane changes, reversing, and general awareness of their surroundings. By minimizing blind spots, the wide angle view contributes significantly to collision avoidance and enhances overall road safety. Whether navigating busy city streets or cruising on the highway, drivers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they have a comprehensive view of the traffic conditions around them.

Constructed with durability in mind, the Vehicle Rear View Mirrors are weatherproof, ensuring reliable performance in all weather conditions. Be it rain, snow, or fog, the weatherproof design prevents fogging and accumulation of moisture, maintaining a clear view at all times. This feature is particularly beneficial for those living in areas with frequent weather changes or for drivers who often travel through varied climates.

The rear view mirrors support both PAL and NTSC TV systems, providing versatility and compatibility with a variety of video equipment. This ensures that drivers can connect their mirrors to different devices without worrying about system incompatibility, making the mirrors a flexible solution for many users. Whether it's for reversing cameras or other video sources, the PAL/NTSC support is an invaluable feature.

Manual adjustment capability is another practical aspect of these rear view mirrors. Drivers can fine-tune the angle and orientation of the mirror to suit their individual preference and height, ensuring an optimal field of vision. This manual adjustment is straightforward, allowing for quick modifications on the go, without the need for complex tools or procedures.

Universal compatibility is a cornerstone of this product's design, making these mirrors suitable for a wide array of vehicle makes and models. The universal fit caters to a diverse market, from compact cars to larger SUVs, ensuring that drivers can enjoy the benefits of these high-quality rear view mirrors regardless of their vehicle type.

Installation of the Vehicle Rear View Mirrors is a breeze, thanks to the clip-on design. This user-friendly installation process means that drivers can easily attach the mirrors over their existing rear view mirrors without the need for professional assistance. The clip-on mechanism is secure and designed to hold the mirror firmly in place, reducing vibrations and maintaining stability while on the move.

In addition to the 7 inch display, for those seeking a larger view, a 10 inch screen option is available, offering an even more expansive display for enhanced visibility. The 10 inch screen is perfect for drivers who prefer a larger visual area or have larger vehicles that can accommodate the bigger size. Both the 7 inch display and 10 inch screen options provide crisp, clear images that contribute to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

In summary, the Vehicle Rear View Mirrors with a 7 inch display and optional 10 inch screen are an amalgamation of thoughtful design, advanced technology, and user-friendly features. With anti-glare properties, wide angle views, weatherproof capabilities, PAL/NTSC system support, manual adjustment, universal compatibility, and easy clip-on installation, these mirrors are a must-have for any driver looking to enhance their vehicle's functionality and safety.


  • Product Name: Vehicle Rear View Mirrors
  • Mirror Size: 7 Inches
  • Brightness: 750cd/m2
  • Resolution: HD
  • Installation: Clip-on
  • Video Output Mode: 18 PIN
  • 10 inch screen
  • 10 inch screen
  • 10 inch screen

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Material ABS Plastic
Compatibility Universal
Tv System PAL/NTSC
Language Chinese/English
Installation Clip-on
Features Anti-glare, Wide Angle View, Weatherproof
Resolution HD
Brightness 750cd/m2
Package Contents 2 Mirrors, 2 Clips
Mirror Size 7 Inches


The KINGCROWN BG-XSP-718 vehicle rear view mirror is an essential gadget designed to enhance the driving experience by providing drivers with a broad, unobstructed view of the area behind their vehicles. Originating from the bustling tech-hub of Shenzhen, this model comes equipped with a high-definition 7 inch display, offering crystal clear visuals to ensure maximum safety on the road.

One of the key application occasions for the KINGCROWN rear view mirror is during regular urban commuting. Navigating through tight city streets can be challenging, but with the rear view mirror's wide angle 170° view, drivers can easily detect obstacles, other vehicles, and pedestrians, effectively reducing blind spots and preventing accidents. The 7 inch display also offers the convenience of a larger viewing area, making it easier to monitor the surroundings at a glance.

Another scenario where this rear view mirror proves particularly useful is during long-distance travel. The anti-glare feature ensures that drivers can maintain a clear view despite changing light conditions, which is invaluable when driving during sunrise or sunset hours. Furthermore, the weatherproof design of the KINGCROWN BG-XSP-718 means that regardless of rain or shine, the 7 inch display remains a reliable source of visual information about the road behind.

The product is also ideal for larger vehicles such as trucks and RVs, where visibility is often compromised due to the size of the vehicle. With its expansive 7 inch display and wide-angle view, drivers of these vehicles can maneuver with confidence, whether they're reversing into a camping spot or changing lanes on the highway.

Parking is another scenario where the KINGCROWN rear view mirror shines. The 18 PIN video output mode ensures a high-quality connection to the vehicle's backup camera system, providing drivers with an accurate view of the parking space and surrounding area. The durable ABS plastic material ensures that the rear view mirror can withstand the wear and tear of daily use, making it a reliable tool for any parking situation.

In conclusion, the KINGCROWN BG-XSP-718 is a versatile and indispensable product for various driving scenarios. Its 7 inch display, coupled with an array of features like anti-glare, wide-angle view, and weatherproof construction, all contribute to a safer and more comfortable driving experience. Whether in Chinese or English, the language versatility ensures that a wide range of users can access and benefit from this innovative rear view mirror system.


Experience the ultimate in driving safety with the KINGCROWN BG-XSP-718 Vehicle Rear View Mirror. Our product, originating from Shenzhen, offers a seamless clip-on installation process. With a vibrant 7-inch screen boasting a brightness of 750cd/m2 and a resolution of 720P, you'll have crystal-clear visibility at all times.

While the standard mirror size is 7 inches, our product customization services provide options to upgrade to a more expansive 10 inch screen or even a 12 inch rear view mirror, ensuring that you have the best possible view of your surroundings. Each mirror features a sophisticated 18 PIN video output mode, designed for superior signal clarity.

Choose KINGCROWN for an enhanced driving experience with a rear view mirror that not only meets but exceeds your expectations in vehicle safety and functionality.

Support and Services:

Our Vehicle Rear View Mirrors come with comprehensive technical support and services designed to ensure your complete satisfaction and safety on the road. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing assistance with product installation, troubleshooting, and performance optimization.

For installation support, our technical team can guide you through the process step-by-step, ensuring your mirrors are fitted correctly and securely. If you encounter any difficulties during installation or afterwards, our troubleshooting service is available to diagnose and resolve any issues.

We also offer regular maintenance tips and advice to help you keep your rear view mirrors in optimal condition. This includes cleaning and adjustment techniques to maintain clear visibility and proper alignment.

For enhanced performance, our support services can advise you on upgrades and accessories that can complement your rear view mirrors, such as anti-glare coatings or blind-spot detection systems.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please refer to our product documentation or reach out to our customer service team for personalized support. We are committed to ensuring that our Vehicle Rear View Mirrors meet your expectations for quality and functionality.

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